Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (UAM) had been founded since 1982, as the Manufacturer and Distributor of Spokes & Nipples and Steel Wheel Rim for Motorcycle Industry and also as the Motorcycle Wheel Assembler for Motorcycle Assembly Plant both domestic and overseas plant. Our Service expanded to include Surface Plating for Automotive Parts& all kind of industries, Piping & Pipe products , and Exhaust Pipe for automotive Industry as well.

We strongly emphasize on Product Quality as the most important goal, together with Continuous Development of Management Systems and Advance Technology, with Strong Quality Systems Control from Manufacturing to Delivery Quality Product and Services to Customers On-time. Customer Satisfactions and Acceptance from both Domestic and Overseas customers are also our key goals to be achieved



Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


International-Quality Products

Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is not only a respected high-capacity manufacturer of top-quality automotive parts, but it is also an important element in the overall automotive industry in Thailand. The company manufactures a range of standardized automotive products using advanced process technology a modern computer management system, and comprehensive quality control system. This commitment to manufacturing excellence has won the company the reliance of many top-name local and international motorcycle assemblers.


A Caring Hand for the Environment

Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is fully committed to a policy of environmental care. The company follows the ISO 14001 environmental process will not cause any adverse impacts on the environment or local communities. The company has changed its plating process from Cr6+ to Cr3+ to decrease pollution and help safeguard the environment. A standardized waste-water treatment system enables as much as 80 percent of waste water from the plating system to be reused. Process sludge can also be reused after the nickel hal been separated from it, facilitating the recycling of certain resources.


Quality Control

We concentrate in improving our manufacturing and service to become the world’s leading plating service provider. To achieve our goal, we customized a quality control scheme in 1999 and strictly pursue it since.

We establish internal affair policies, to which we adhere to accordingly, purpose to continue improving our organization and maintain customer’s highest satisfaction.

Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. quality control policies

  1. Customer’s satisfaction on service and overall expectation are to be evaluated appropriately on regular basis.
  2. Take account of supplier regularity.
  3. Encourage possibilities to improve the manufacturing, either by keeping up with technology insight information of ways to lessen waste or promoting manufacturing capacity and product quality etc.
  4. Follow up customer’s complaints and earnestly attain the best possible solutions.
  5. Delivery MUST be handled with 100% of accuracy
  6. Arrange necessarily educational programmed for staff at all levels.
  7. Support safety and environmentally related activities.

Client’s satisfaction is the most important to run our company. The Successful of Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is from everyone support from board of director to our general staffs. All of this are our proud and one of the important part to make Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. continuously to improve our performance.

The measuring and evaluation technology breakthrough can make difference in quality. Now UAM is very confident in the technology we adopted for our quality control management, both for the products themselves and manufacturing processes. Our customers are assured to receive only quality and satisfaction from us.


IM : Image dimension


Universal testing


Profile Projector & Micro paker


XRF : X-Ray Fluorescence


Corrosion resistance test


Thickness tester





For plating process, a well equipped laboratory is considered as important as the manufacturing technology. At UAM we secure the product quality by employing the most existent laboratory equipments, as the second quality and satisfaction confirmation.


ICP : Inductively coupled plasma


UV Visible Spectrophotometer


Total Organic Carbon


Couloscope CMS Step


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers




Environmental and Occupational health & Safety Achievements

Environmental Policy

Union Autoparts manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is a manufacturer of automotive parts such as wheels, wire spokes, etc., and provides electroplating services realized the importance of environmental quality and is committed to improving, preventing pollution, and preserving the environment including promoting energy conservation which is an important responsibility in conducting business with society. Therefore, establishing the environmental management system policy as follows,

  1. Committed to environmental management in accordance with the requirements of laws and other relevant regulations.
  2. Promote energy conservation. Everyone participates and the efficient use of natural resources to reduce carbon emissions. Promote the use of clean energy.
  3. Strengthen understanding and cultivate environmental awareness among employees at all levels and cooperate with surrounding communities in preserving the environment.
  4. Develop production processes and products to have the least impact on the environment. and maintain quality products Including the control of prohibited substances in products to meet customer requirements.
  5. Continuously support environmental development based on OKAYA Compliance.

ISO 14001 Qualification from Socotec Thailand Co., Ltd.

Safety Activities

  1. Inside and Outside Safety Campaigns such as Safety Patrol, Safety Talk, KYT, CCCF, Safety Dojo, JSA., etc.

Environmental Activities and Energy Saving

  1. Sort out the garbage for recycling instead of burning or landfilling.
  2. Use clean material.
  3. Water recycling to reuse.
  4. Save energy campaign and send report under energy policy.
  5. We use solar rooftop energy to reduce carbon emissions. Sustainable energy for the future.


  1. Scholarship Ceremony for company staff’s children.
  2. Social Donation.
  3. Education Donation.

Surveillance environmental impact

Environmental and Occupational health & Safety Achievements

  1. Clean and Green Technology Award.
  2. Certification of Achievement for the campaign of no drugs and working accidents along Poochaosamingprai Road.
  3. Green Industry Level 3 Factory Certification.


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Union Autoparts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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